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We Must Unite now or Perish – Dr. Kwame Nkrumah


Ghana’s first president, Kwame Nkrumah’s speech at the founding of the OAU has since become a classic, even iconic. In front of 31 other African heads of state who met in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, on 24 May 1963, Nkrumah appealed, cajoled, and did everything in perhaps his greatest speech ever to convince his colleagues to go the whole ...

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My last coordinates


GPS is a new technology. Just over two decades ago ships navigated on the high seas using stars. My father was a Navigant. He’d been regional best in maths and physics, so Mobutu paid his astronomy and maritime Science. Predictably, Mobutu’s fleet had gone bankrupt by the time he graduated, he spent his young adulthood aboard Belgian supertankers navigating away ...

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‘Petit, viens..’ The true face of the French Army


This is a photo of a Rwandan peacekeeper in Central African Republic (CAR). It was twitted by french channel France 24 and much of the French media with their story: ‘UN peacekeepers accused of Central African Republic Abuse’. In the alleged abuses, Rwandan troops aren’t mentioned, yetFrance 24 chose to tweet a peacekeeper with a Rwandan flag to go with ...

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Who am I?


“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” –Aristotle In addition to really wise sages I’ve encountered in my short experience, there are three types of ignorant, facing critical information that if acquired would make them better, stronger and more open human beings. 1 Ignorant of the ignorance Blissful oxymoron  …Critical information 2 Restless Ignorant Curious 3 Ignorant Arrogant Idiots ...

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Me Toy Nzamwita was sent off honorably!


Much has been said about the tragedy, but as far as we are concerned our learned friend Counsel Toy Nzamwita was innocent. He paid the ultimate price for no crime whatsoever. Speaking as a young brother to Toy, a learned friend but also a citizen, I must thank the magistrates in general; the Bar Associations of France and Burundi, which ...

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Did Umushyikirano 2016 signal the end of ‘Atalaku’?


“What has really differentiated Koffi Olomide to his emblematic predecessors in Congolese music was the role he assigned to the ‘atalaku’”. Who is an ‘atalaku’? It is the annoying guy in the background of a soft and southing rumba, announcing random names of random people that no one cares about, throughout the entire song. For your name to be mentioned, ...

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The cleaner the University of Pretoria assigned to my apartment was called Violet. A mother in her late forties. She was very pretty, always smiling. She liked me and encouraged me to eat more. ‘Look at you, you are skinny, you must eat!’ she said to me. I liked Violet, I called her Aunt. In my mind she was part ...

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Abasongarere bo muri leta


You can’t really be passionate about changing the world and passionate about logistics at the same time… John Kayihura, a veteran Rwandan Tour operator is having an early, much deserved breakfast on the shores of the Shanga River in the ‘Dzanga Sangha Forest reserve, situated deep in the south-eastern jungles of the Central African Republic and nestled between Cameroon and ...

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Paul Kagame is Rwanda’s product, not the other way round


When Fred Rwigema, the first RPF commander suddenly died at the beggining of the struggle, I am told, all seemed lost. In the absence of a unifying figure, small factions typically formed within the rebel movement. Chaos reigned as no other person came even near from commanding the same authority and legitimacy. Power struggles and lack of direction prevailed among ...

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