Dear Louise, I hope you had the time of your life.

It’s a classic from the 90s by Green Day, one of my favorites, it’s called ‘Time of your life.’

It goes:

‘another turning point a fork stuck in the road,

time grabs you by the wrist, directs you where to go,

so make the best of this test and don’t ask why,

its not a question but a lesson learned in time,

it’s something unpredictable, but in the end is right,

I hope you had the time of your life’


I’d like to dedicate this song to our favorite Minister, Louise Mushikiwabo and tell her: ‘tomorrow,  in Yerevan the sun will shine!’

Thank her for ten wonderful years, how time flies, that she’s been our leader, sister and friend.

I’d say to her:

‘Take the photographs and still frames in your mind;

Hang it on the shelf in good health and good times…’

This piece is written a bit like Massamba’s ‘Araje’: A bitter-sweet state of mind:

Starting in happiness; ‘Araje araje, araberewe, dore inyamibwa mubakobwa yambaye urugori’,

Then late regrets in the lines; Ngo:

As a young brother and friend: ‘Barumuna bawe, udusize he?’

Full of joy but a bit heartbroken: ‘Dore uduteye irungu, Udusizemo icyuho…’


‘So yemeye inkwano kumanywa y’ihangu’,

Our President gave his word – in broad day light, in France,

‘ba nyogosenge bemeye kugutanga’;

Africans came together and endorsed you as one;

Rwandans will lose their favorite minister,

‘Mushikiwazo’ – Inkotanyi might miss their favorite sister.

She won’t be replaced, at least not in our hearts,

But on that, Samuel Becket reflects:

‘Perhaps your best days are gone, but you wouldn’t want them back. Not with the fire in you now’.

To which Massamba resigns:

‘Wemeye nyabusa gukamisha ahandi, nuko bigenda amahitamo yaje…’

And then gives his blessing:

‘Uzabereke ko watowe, ukanatozwa n’ibindi, maze bakugabire inka z’iwabo zose…’

Yerevan! Two African women;

A decade in a generation in a century;

How significant the signs; How fitting a city;

The Holocaust of Armenians, the Genocide of Tutsi, the Earthquake in Haiti,

More than an election, a celebration of resilience!

Or as Kayirebwa would say:

‘Imana itera amapfa burya, ninayo itanga aho bahahira’

Other writers tried to ruin the moment,

But what’s happening is a beautiful statement!

Two black girls from small nations competing to change the world

Haiti and Rwanda in Armenia; it’s not been seen; and for that we thank the lord

In my own eyes and those of a million little girls,

Your contender and you are both our great winners.

For them you’ve shined in a million lights;

And whatever happens now, you’ve inspired women of all walks of life,

You’ve allowed them to dream and aspire without fear;

Or as your Wakandan little sister Nakia would put it;

‘No matter where you come from, your dreams are valid.’

I believe everything happens for a reason, in a moment, in time;

Don’t you worry, your blessings and success have already been written

It’s not a goodbye, it’s just an au revoir,

It was a privilege to see you tour the sky,

A spotless campaign, our flag held up in the stars,

A continent coming as one, a humbling, beautiful sight,

To place their trust in you, the bearer of their pride;

So keep your chin high and walk towards the light;

And when you cross the red line, take a second, look back,

You’ll see a nation you have made proud,

And remember,

‘for what it’s worth, it was worth all the while’;

It’s something unpredictable, but in the end is right,

I hope you had the time of your life…’



  1. Mbega amarira gateye
    Ntacyo basi tuzagukumbura Kdi twarize twaramenye ubu c ninde uzahagarara mukivi watangiye wenda azaboneka acyuse akro c Ko aritwe bawe koko turemeye ugende😭😭😭😭😭😭
    Basi Imana iguherekeze uwanditse Ibi rwose yasomye imitima ya benshi

  2. I just love this piece, well done mon petit frere!

  3. Oooh God uza komeze udusure kandi uri ishema ku gihugu cyacu gusa watubereye icyitegererezo muri byinshi no gukunda i gihugu cyane kandi tumwifurije imigisha myinshi mu kazi gashya utangiye!Imana ikujye imbere muri byose

  4. umuntu wanditse ibi ni umuhanga kabisa

  5. Louise MUSHIKIWACU… Umukobwa w’Igikundiro cyinshi. Turagukunda tuzanakomeza kugukunda.

  6. When a bride leaves her family to join her bridegroom in marriage, the bitter sweet farewell says: “ Tu sors avec des larmes dans tes yeux, ariko winjirane sourire sur tes lèvres”. Ndi umurundikazi nakwumvise uvuga ukuri udatinya! Nakwumvise nkuko wariko uvugira jewe, uhagarariye mukibanza cabadashobora kwivugira. Ubu lero Uhoraho yaguye imbibe zawe. He enlarged your territory- you will be more for many and we will cheer you on- all the way. Be blessed in your new endeavors.

  7. This is a great Tribute for A Great Daughter of Rwanda. We are so proud of her and for those that have been close to her even for a day; will certainly understand the depth of this tribute. Feels like it is your own words. We love you Louise… not sure if you will read all the messages sent to you but the day you meet Gatete; please hug him more for all of us. Yatuvugiye…Aujourd’hui i Yerevan Impundu n’amashimwe yacu vont exploser. De tout coeur avec vous Louise. Et à toi Gatete Merci encore… vous avez un grand talent…merci de nous le faire partager.

  8. Thank you for writing this story am sure it took you more time.

    I would want to add more words from imenagitero song.

    Ntabwo ajya akubana iyo akubyitabaro
    Natsura intabwe, nta nubwo amenya intoho,kereka iyo acyuye intego yatumye ashiguka,


    Kandi koko ntatwari ihora munzu,

    All the best our lovely sister

  9. Mushikiwacu tuzagukumbura, gusa ni aho ugiye twizeyeko uzakomeza kudutera Ishema

  10. What a great “send off” note…
    Couldn’t agree more! An icon of resilience, integrity, humility and patriotism to mention but a few! To all the young girls out there… Be inspired to be your great self!

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