Disgusting Media #Thread

Disgusting Media #Thread

1. ‘Going back to hell’ Whoa! That’s how they advertise their next issue. That is how they are describing a country of 79million people. #DRC

2. I was born and raised in that country; my community found exiled there too

Mobutu, its late president paid my father’s education, I have friends and family there,

I have fond memories of my childhood, it is my little paradise

3. Congolese music is sublime. It has inspired African and Caribbean music and now copied by Americans or Europeans; Their food is exquisite,
Their hundreds of languages, cultures and religion; an amazingly rich history of great empires. Great forests and the Congo River

4. Congolese are big, warmhearted people; resilient and self-respected
Their only weakness is their legendary hospitality and generosity, welcoming to all, good and bad

The place is paradise; my paradise; it is a home to 79 million people, most of whom are youth and women

5. You call it hell yet you want to go back. Then why do you want to go back to hell? You must be Satan, because before you came it was paradise; you made it hell!
We need a God, to cast you away, like Lucifer was BANISHED from heaven.

6. Congolese are resilient, talented, resourceful people;
That they still stand after all you have stolen from them for centuries, After the weapons you have sold there, after their heroes you have killed, after mercenaries you have deployed, it is a sign of their strength #DRC

7. And you have a very shortsighted view of history, you are measuring Congolese tragedy in a very short period of time;

8 Before I die, you might change your title; and I will remind you; you will write: ‘Going back to paradise’, because the only place Congo can go is up. #DRC

9. Bob once sung: ‘You can fool some people sometime, but you can’t fool all the people all the time.’ I see you, I see through you. You ain’t fooling me; You are and have always been Africa’s burden! But to quote Oprah: ‘Your time is up’, hear me well: ‘YOUR TIME, IS UP!’ #DRC


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