Un membre de la communauté Banyamulenge dans le plateau d'Itombwe, Sud-Kivu, 2006.

The ‘Rwandan question’ in the Great Lakes Region. #Thread

Un membre de la communauté Banyamulenge dans le plateau d’Itombwe, Sud-Kivu, 2006.

1. I’ve just listen to yet another video by yet another #Congolese calling for the killing of #Rwandans as the solution to their century old problems. #TheRwandanQuestion

2. This threat is real because it is systematically and recurrently implemented in this region since independence in the late 50s – early 60’s implemented. #TheRwandanQuestion

3. People of this region make the mistake that speaking #Kinyarwanda makes a people Rwandan who must go back to Rwanda. They relay on colonial borders to deny citizenship to their own brethren. #TheRwandanQuestion

4. How can one be so ignorant, to think that borders drawn by a stranger, an exploiter should define relations among brothers, neighbors and indigenous people? #TheRwandanQuestion

5. Typical populism: 1.Take zero responsibility; 2.Blame the international community; 3.Repeat to oneself that one’s county is rich; 4.Offer no concrete action; 5.Call for anti-Rwandan hatred/killing. It’s a classic. #TheRwandanQuestion

6. As a result, entire ‘Banyarwanda’ communities have been cleansed from the Kivu. Some deported to North America and Europe, others resettled in refugee camps in Rwanda #TheRwandanQuestion

7. I’ve never heard a Congolese acknowledge that it’s current borders are an artificial mapping of the personal mining territory of Belgian King Leopold; that Congo’s pre-colonial empires were more organised territories. #TheRwandanQuestion

8. As the Rwandan, the German, European experience have taught us, stigmatizing and removing a minority ethnic groups is never the solution to a national problem; on the contrary, it is self-inflicted national hemorrhage #TheRwandanQuestion

9. The same experiences have also taught us that sooner or later these communities return home. As far as BanyaRwanda are concerned it never takes a generation… #TheRwandanQuestion

10. Countries in the #NileBassin have started irrigating crops with our rivers, violating a pact between Belgians and English because we believe it is our sovereign right. It has taken long, but we have finally done it. #TheRwandanQuestion

11. In my lifetime we shall do away with colonial borders and solve all the little tribalism across the African continent. Those laws on the so called ‘Inviolability of boarders’ inherited from colonialism are a travesty #TheRwandanQuestion

12. That a person finds as answer to his national problems the extermination of a tiny minority of one million people, living on mountains in a small part of a country greater than areas of Spain, France, Germany, Sweden and Norway combined is revealing #TheRwandanQuestion

13. Any politics, laws and rhetoric should seek to unite, not divide people. If you think your neighbor is the problem and removing them is the solution; then the real problem is you, or more precisely: The problem is within you! #TheRwandanQuestion

14. Many say ‘it could have been worse’ without colonial borders, as if before colonialism the situation was worse or that Africans are incapable of working out organic solutions devoid of colonial hung-ups. It’s a fallacy! It can’t get worse than last 260 years #TheRwandanQuestion

14. This #Thread is dedicated to #Banyamulenge who were chased from their land in Eastern DRC and fled to #Gatumba in #Burundi. I was in Bujumbura at the time attending a human rights conference, so I went #Gatumba to visit them. #TheRwandanQuestion

15. In the night of Wednesday to Thursday 14th August 2004, 160 of them, mainly women and children were massacred by the FNL Palipehutu. It’s leaders Agathon Rwasa and Pasteur Habimana’ boasted for the massacre. The two men were rewarded instead of prosecuted #TheRwandanQuestion

16. Images of the #Banyamulenge who were killed that night never leave me because I had made friends with some and asked them to come to Rwanda. No, they said; our home is DRC. If I fail to bring them justice or due recognition, I will leave the task to my son. #TheRwandanQuestion


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