The Rwandan Restoration, a story in the making…

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The Rwandan political culture is characterized by secrecy and unpredictability of the selection process. Even President Kagame was chosen a long time ago, by the powers that might be, while no one expected him. I can bet even himself was made aware only when the time was right.

Speculators on ‘Kagame didn’t groom a successor’, completely miss the point; if anything they prove their entrenched ignorance of the Rwandan political culture. For what I know, a successor or a number of successors have already been chosen, from a shortlist of young, talented, discreet, men and women, humbly fulfilling their duties, in Rwanda or abroad.

As the maxim goes. ‘Do what you are tasked and do it well; the world is watching’. Self-projection is the surest way not to be chosen in Rwanda, for individual popularity isn’t a criteria for leadership, in the Seventeenth, only unwritten Rwandan esoteric code: ‘Inzira y’Ikinyogote’ 

We are an old civilization; our ways are ancient and sacred. They have nothing to do with Western-styled democracy and don’t aspire to be. We keep telling them this, they don’t listen. Nothing here is new, even the pole positions occupied by women is ancient tradition.

You know, our nation was briefly interrupted by colonization and division; we had to sacrifice a lot to claim it. We understand how precious it is.

Every day; every day we thank God for the gift of this small, green, undulating side of paradise. It is in our hands now, like a last born in old age; like ‘the milk for guests’ -Kinyarwanda saying. Within our means we will take such good care of it that every guest who visits will be blown away.

One’s life is fulfilled, when they dedicate it to Rwanda and its people. I thank the Rwandan God for this opportunity!

Anyway, at this point our President is 59 years old and our Prime Minister: 44. This is going to be a youthful government.

This story will be completed shortly when the entire cabinet is appointed, until then,

Here is to Seven more years, and seventy seven more thereafter…

Muzzle Tov, MashAllah, Godspeed, Baraka, Imigisha myinshi..


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