A la France: Fichez nous la paix!

Les Bourgeois c’est comme les cochons, plus ça devient vieux, plus ça devient bête’ -Jacques Brel Essayez d’imaginer l’Allemagne critiquant Israël. Vous n’y arrivez pas? Eh bien moi non plus. Pourquoi? Parce qu’il y a 70 ans, leurs ancêtres ont tenté d’exterminer les juifs. L’Allemagne a depuis reconnue ses torts, payé sa dette morale et fait la paix avec elle ...

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Understanding Rwanda’s Democracy

On 26th May 2003, a new constitution was promulgated, against the backdrop of genocide, by a society appalled by the horrors of ethnic division and eager to embrace unifying policies. It was hence entrenched in values of unity and reconciliation, privileging dialogue and consensus as the only ways for democratic engagement and spontaneous power sharing arrangement across ethnic lines. From ...

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Ubuntu: Africa of yesterday, the world of tomorrow (Extract from my book: Advocacy in Sub-Saharan Africa. Pretoria, 2012)

This is one attempted answer to my last post: Africa of tomorrow: So many questions left unanswered Ubuntu: Africa of yesterday, the world of tomorrow.. Ubuntu is an African concept of fraternity and humanness. The word has the same meaning across African languages. From Zulu to Kiswahili, Kinyarwanda, Lingala and Luganda, etc. In his book, No Future without Forgiveness, Archbishop Desmond ...

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