I am a researcher, a business lawyer and a writer. I am a Senior fellow in the Institute of Policy Analysis and Research – Rwandan Think Tank that evaluates government’s annual performance and a member of the Rwandan Bar Association.

I wrote a book: ‘Whispering to Tigers: Advocacy in Sub-Saharan Africa’ (being published), a booklet: ‘Amahoro: Building peace in Rwanda’ (2014) and contributed to two others: ‘We are Rwanda’ (2014), and a comparative narrative of Rwanda, Uganda and Ethiopia’s post-conflict political trajectory, due in September 2020. I published several peer-reviewed scientific articles. I am a columnist for Al-Jazeera, The East African, Jeune Afrique, and the New Times 

I am a ghost-writer of speeches and Op-Eds for African Heads of State and senior executives, and a book reviewer for African Authors.

I read law, politics and economics, I speak Portuguese, English, French and Kiswahili.

You can contact me on tgatete@gmail.com and follow @gateteviews

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  1. Nicole Allen says:

    Hello Friends at Gatete Views,

    I came across your website today and was wondering if you had an opportunity for guest blogging. I am a professional freelance writer and have written and currently write on a wide range of topics. Some of the topics I regularly cover include addiction, insurance, economics and technology just to name a few. I attempt to stay on top of the latest news to ensure that my writing is up to date and current, ensuring its validity.

    If you are interested in talking about this in more detail, get back to me at any time. We can discuss topic ideas and I can have an article for you with a fast turn around. I am not looking to be paid for this!

    I have a small profile with a few writing samples, hoping to build this more. Let me know if you are interested and thank you for your time!

    Nicole Allen

  2. Thank you Mr. Gatete I can testify that you are among African solo writer I have come to be convinced by! as a Rwandan Author and University Lecturer I strongly recommend each and everyone to read carefully your piece of writings are so powerful and resourceful. Keep it up my brother.

    Joseph UWAGABA

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