Muhammad Ali, The World’s Greatest!

He was Usain Bolt with a bigger mind, a bigger heart;
Like a butterfly he floated to greater lights;
No more Parkinson, no more pain, no more fights;
He quit on all times high.
He left the ring undefeated, undisputed;
He was the king of boxing, the world’s greatest;
He was a philosopher, a writer, a fighter;
He boxed for freedom, he boxed for justice, he boxed for equality.
He was strong and gentle,
Aggressive yet so elegant;
Sharp, witty but remarkably handsome;
His power in the ring, only matched by his love for mankind.
His energy extended from Saigon, Vietnam, to Accra in Ghana;
Muslims in Mecca considered him a brother,
Youth in Kinshasa gave him a ‘cris de guerre’;
Ali Bumaye! Ali Bumaye!
An objector to war, an insurgent to violence;
He left too soon, like everything precious, evanescent.
He won’t be remembered, for he won’t be forgotten;
He was, he is, the Heavyweight Champ, the legend.
Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un;
(Surely we belong to Allah, and to Him shall we return);

For every punch you threw, we say: ‘Mash’Allah’

We now commit you to Allah;
The only one Above you
Rest Undefeated Muhammad Ali.


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