Happy birthday to the Ultimate Diplomat

It is indeed African culture for an elder to offer good auspices, only Paul Kagame has brought it to a global scale;

He brought together rival nations, Qatar and Dubai to build two complimenting ports in Rwanda at the same time. He befriends the Jews and the Muslims alike. 

He reconciled killers and victims, mended broken hearts and brokered peace in the land,

He got his minister elected to head Francophonie before he could speak French or reconcile with France.

An ally of America, of Russia and of China without ever compromising on the cause of Africa; With him it is the game theory, not the zero-sum game.

Leaders of the world all agree on Paul Kagame for he brings the best out of each one of them.

The day I meet him, I’ll ask how he does it, Happy birthday to President Paul Kagame: The Ultimate Diplomat!