Letter to Nelson Gatsimbazi & Co

After such a long time hearing what you do and seeing what you post on social media, it breaks my heart to see who you have become. We used to be activists, with high hopes and passion for our country Rwanda; I don’t know where our roads got split, all I know, is that I don’t recognize the person you have become: an utterly confused and prejudiced person.

You are not consistent; every now and then, you say you miss Rwanda, and yet you seek to hurt its people everyday through your posts, and I suppose, your activities there.

You think you are fighting Kagame – which I have no problem with – but most of your subversive actions do not affect Kagame, who is a legitimate, elected, powerful president; they hurt all of us Rwandans.

Just the other day, you thanked BBC2 for doing a good job of revising the Genocide?! How do you think that makes us feel?

And you think you are using the BBC, the FDLR or these new allies you have found for yourself to reach your end-goal, which, I suppose, is to unseat Kagame. You actually do not see that it is the BBC, FDLR and your new friends, that are manipulating you. You know, when slave-traders came to Africa, they did not go inland to chase around slaves, they stayed by their ships and sent in their house niggers; whom they had bribed with mirrors, pipes, and such other trifle, to betray their own people.

Here is an example for you. Did you know how one becomes a lawyer, a witness or an expert, at the ICTR/Y – Which is a massively remunerating job (more than $500,000 was spent on the defense of Akayesu alone[1][1])? They first become outspoken genocide deniers; hold conferences all over the world, with the hope to be noticed by prisoners.

Now, the closing of the ICTR, and the ongoing extraditions of suspects to Rwanda do not suit them. So they attempt to undermine it, by painting a bleak picture of the Justice system in Rwanda.

Dr Andrew Wallis just wrote: ‘It’s interesting that Rudasingwa and others are now being used as defence witnesses for alleged genocidaires as is Filip Reyntjens (a Belgian academic who for a long term served as an advisor to the genocidal government of Juvenal Habyarimana). These people go from court to court in France, Germany, Norway, the UK giving defense, even though normally they do not actually know the defendants; they use it as a way to promote the RNC and its views on Rwanda.’

That was one example: here is a second, which I suspect you are very familiar with: Do you know how Rwandans get asylum in Europe? You do? Ok good.

Now for those who don’t, here’s what happens:  you tell a horrifying story of what happened to you, and will happen again if you go back home, and they let you live there. The problem with a lie, is that you have to commit to repeating it, adapting it to all situations. And they don’t let you be, they keep coming to you and say: could you tell this international ‘expert on Rwanda’ what you told us?  and there you go again: Oh you know they tortured and raped me in jail, etc. while I know these things sadly happen for real in some places, it must be a nightmare if you made it up; actually, you end-up believing it yourself…

But we all know that most times its all lies; I remember an Ambassador of a European country here  warning us: ‘Don’t go and pick a fight with the government and hope that I give you a visa…’

Anyway, all these spins were made futile, when the Netherlands presented Amicus Curiae (friend of the court brief) to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) establishing that Rwanda’s judicial system was independent and effective.

Later, the same washed-up experts on Rwanda influenced an Amnesty International (AI) report, to allege prevailing torture in Rwandan prisons. Now, Amnesty International reports have been used for a long time in the European Court to block extraditions, especially for asylum seekers from Eastern Europe; Russia and China facing extradition: This is known by every lawyer who studied or worked with ECHR.

That particular AI report on Rwanda however, was denounced by many scholars for being flowed and did not in the end, affect the extraditions, which continue to date.

Now this BBC2 documentary intervenes today, as another attempt to push the same agenda. The false figures cited, are provided by two US academics: Allan Stam and Christian Davenport, who worked for a team of lawyers defending génocidaires at the ICTR.

What is said to be an untold story; that the shooting down of the plane on April 6, 1994 was perpetrated by the RPF, is actually a vested narrative which was told by Hutu Power extremists within a hours of the president’s assassination, just before they called everyone to mass slaughtering of Tutsi.

The same untold story was repeated by every single defense lawyer at the ICTR until the judges put an end to it in a general ruling, that: it is not the shooting of the plane that caused the genocide. It may have been the trigger, but the slaughter was premeditated, planned; machetes bought, militias trained, propaganda media launched and pilot killings conducted, way before the president was killed.

But you know all this. So what happened to you kid? I am giving you advice because you, I still care about; others I couldn’t care less! There are more schemes than you can ever imagine. Here I just gave you a flavour.

So, you need to do serious Soul-searching, and come to terms with what you really want. I mean, you can continue to farm and wait tables in Sweden, hoping that there will be a big war, or a coup d’état in Rwanda – regardless of how many people may die – so that you can comeback and be minister of information – or farming (which one are you now?)

Or you can come out of darkness – and the cold, come home and contribute to building your country. We will forgive you, we have forgiven worse… But for goodness sake, you are caught-up in a war that is not yours, you have no agenda; you are as disposable as garbage in a rather global war. Sadly, your part of the fight may just come down to a cage or bar fight. There is no scenario, no story where former genocidaire may come out on top. So whatever happens, it’s all on you.

Posted 21st October 2014

[1] http://www.arushatimes.co.tz/2002/15/un_tribunal_1.htm