‘Petit, viens..’ The true face of the French Army

Capture d’écran 2017-02-11 à 10.03.05 This is a photo of a Rwandan peacekeeper in Central African Republic (CAR). It was twitted by french channel France 24 and much of the French media with their story: ‘UN peacekeepers accused of Central African Republic Abuse’. In the alleged abuses, Rwandan troops aren’t mentioned, yet France 24 chose to tweet a peacekeeper with a Rwandan flag to go with the story.

Indeed Rwandan troops are known as the most professional and disciplined force in the entire UN peacekeeping mechanism worldwide. They were decorated in CAR : Rwandan peacekeepers in CAR decorated; in Darfur-Sudan : Rwandan Peacekeepers in Darfur Decorated – African Defense, in Haiti : http://bit.ly/1UT5ACj, and in a country I didn’t even know they served; Ivory Coast : Rwandan Peacekeepers Decorated In Ivory Coast.

French troupes on the other hand, have been frequently accused of raping the people they were sent to protect, especially children. ‘Petit, viens’, little boy, come here, that’s how they usually lure them with food rations, another report explains: Link: nyti.ms/1WVjvpg

In CAR, a 7-year-old girl said that she had to perform sexual acts on French soldiers in exchange for water and cookies’. Again, here is the link: f24.my/1ZIZfJj

‘A study, commissioned by the UN, found that the alleged perpetrators [of sexual abuses] were mainly French soldiers from a unit known as the Sangaris force.’ Link here: bit.ly/1NrSFBz In Burkina-Faso French troops are alleged to have abused girls aged three and five, using the same technique: here is the link: French soldiers accused of paedophilia in Burkina Faso in custody

The only reason french troops are still in Peacekeeping missions worldwide is because a french man, one Herve Ladsus is the head of the Department of Peace Keeping Operations within the UN Security Council, which in itself is a human tragedy.

When Rwandan troops were deployed to Central African Republic, its Capital city Bangui had been cut off its supply route with Chad and Cameroon, by the Anti-Balaka rebels and was quickly descending into severe human tragedy.

In the meantime, trucks of humanitarian supply were stuck at the Cameroonian boarder with CAR, unable to traverse the dangerous, rebels-controlled zone.

French troops that were the first to be deployed in CAR had been utterly useless, keen to protect themselves and their big communication crew that reported daily on the dangerous nature of the ground operations and the looming human disaster.

Rwandans are always sent with one mission : You shouldn’t let what happened in Rwanda ever happen again anywhere. The life of people is put in your hands, don’t let them down – And Remember : never trust the french, no one does ! (My personal addition).

As soon as they arrived in CAR, Rwandans organized an operation to open up the so-called Bangui-Beloko route and escorted the vital supply from Cameroon’s boarder up to Bangui, thereby averting a certain human tragedy.

No single peacekeeper was killed and the road is still safely operational to date. The operation was a spectacular success – and as a result, Rwandan troops were chosen among all the peacekeeping forces in CAR, to be the ones to provide protection to the outgoing interim President Mme Catherine Samba Panza, the President-elect Mr. austin-Archange Touadéra and other VIPs

Like ‘Cassius’ the eloquent commentator of gladiators fights in the arena, yet unwilling to partake, the french contingent only managed to supply ‘abavugira amacumu’: journalists to ‘cover’ the operation, which they reported in eloquent french language, announcing Rwandan troops’ advances between their teeth, and trying hard to hide the cowardice of their own troops.

The Rwandans weren’t surprised, that is how they have known the french army. Lest we forget, the Rwandan army did put an end to a Genocide, which the French army helped prepare, support and perpetrate. This time they were ‘on the same side’…

So if there is any army that must be the face of crimes against humanity and Genocide, it is not the Rwandan Army; it is the French Army.

The only thing the French army has more than Rwandans is the stockpile of bombs in their armory. Other than that, they don’t match their Generals, their character and their spirit. If anything, the frequent use of photos of Rwandan troops is a proof of their bad faith…

I and many Rwandans knew all this for a long time, yet we never felt the need to make it public. We just do not believe in unnecessary antagonism, nor do we have time to research the suffering that the french have caused to mankind, for it would take a lifetime.

Rwandan soldiers have beaten the French on the battlefield in Rwanda, and saw them chicken out in CAR. They have more embarrassing stories to tell about them. Apparently, so do abused children in just about anywhere they have been on this planet. Only Armies who fought in both world wars no nothing about the French, because they couldn’t see them.

I can find all these people anytime and record their stories, so they shouldn’t try me.