His ‘Bad News’ – a Review of Anjan Sundaram’s book on Rwanda

The problem with writing rebuttals to western ‘Experts on Africa’, whose entire expertise lies in adding their names to new pieces that recycle their predecessor’s lies – to whom you may have already written rebuttals, is that you are forced to repeat yourself, over and over again. The ‘expertise’ isn’t one, just a form of extortion of their own publics, ...

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Ubuntu: Africa of yesterday, the world of tomorrow (Extract from my book: Advocacy in Sub-Saharan Africa. Pretoria, 2012)

This is one attempted answer to my last post: Africa of tomorrow: So many questions left unanswered Ubuntu: Africa of yesterday, the world of tomorrow.. Ubuntu is an African concept of fraternity and humanness. The word has the same meaning across African languages. From Zulu to Kiswahili, Kinyarwanda, Lingala and Luganda, etc. In his book, No Future without Forgiveness, Archbishop Desmond ...

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