I found your birthday gift…

I found your birthday gift;

In the gratitude of Genocide survivors;

The reconciliation of the Rwandan people.


In the prevailing social justice; the surging life expectancy;

The fast Human Development, the encouraging global rankings;

I found your birthday gift…


In the cleanliness of our street, the greenness of our roadsides;

The safety of our neighborhoods, and the tranquility of our daily lives;

I found your gift!


In the glow of the Convention Center; the flight of Rwandair;

In the humility of government officials, the discipline of the RDF;

I saw your gift…


In the awe of our visitors,  the respect of foreign nations;

In the shining eyes of our brethren, a new dawn for our continent;

In the grace of Rwandan women – emancipated;

…There is your birthday gift


In the appointment of the African Union, the recognition of the United Nations;

Then again, the sudden uprightness of boarder officials – when we say we are from Rwanda;

Therein, lies your gift!


Sixty years of an outstanding life;

You’ve set the standards high,

We’ll be accepting nothing less;


We appreciate your presence in our midst,

for you’ve restored Africa’s pride;

We look up to you every day;

and we’ll strive to emulate – though it’s hard;


To paraphrase Moroccan Journalist Ahmed Charai,

‘Your country needs you,

The African continent needs you,

 and the world needs you.’


Happy birthday, My President.


  1. Great stuff!!!

  2. He is really a gift from God

  3. Très joli cadeau!
    Qui dirait mieux?

  4. Absolutely outstanding

  5. Waoooo….so wonderful,happy reading this article,you’ve just spoken my heart…Cheers!

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