I found your birthday gift…

I found your birthday gift;

In the gratitude of Genocide survivors;

The reconciliation of the Rwandan people.


In the prevailing social justice; the surging life expectancy;

The fast Human Development, the encouraging global rankings;

I found your birthday gift…


In the cleanliness of our streets, the greenness of our roadsides;

The safety of our neighborhoods, and the tranquility of our daily lives;

I found your gift!


In the glow of the Convention Center; the flight of Rwandair;

In the humility of government officials, the discipline of the RDF;

I saw your gift…

In the awe of our visitors,  the respect of foreign nations;

In the shining eyes of African brethren, a new dawn for our continent;

In the grace of Rwandan women – emancipated;

…There is your birthday gift

In the appointment of the African Union, the recognition of the United Nations;

Then again, the sudden uprightness of boarder officials – when we say we are from Rwanda;

Therein, lies your gift!


Sixty years of an outstanding life;

You’ve set the standards high,

We’ll be accepting nothing less;


We appreciate your presence in our midst,

for you’ve restored Africa’s pride;

We look up to you every day;

and we’ll strive to emulate – though it’s hard;


To concur with Moroccan Journalist Ahmed Charai,

‘Your country needs you,

The African continent needs you,

 and the world needs you.’


Happy birthday, My President.



  1. Great stuff!!!

  2. He is really a gift from God

  3. Très joli cadeau!
    Qui dirait mieux?

  4. Absolutely outstanding

  5. Waoooo….so wonderful,happy reading this article,you’ve just spoken my heart…Cheers!

  6. Mbega byiza. Uramvugiye jyewe……

  7. Iyi poema yawe ninyamamare wakozekomeza

  8. I can not agree with you more, thanks for this lovely piece of art towards the man I know as a good African president.

  9. You are the precious gift of God. May you live long happy life. Thanks for this awesome sharing. Happy birthday, My President.

  10. Mary Balikungeri

    An amazing gift from God. Thank you Gatete. You said it all. In the world, we walk with our heads high. Thank you my beloved President.

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