#Trump is good and necessary for history. #Thread

1. Many Americans I know have grown so much in the last one year than ever before. They’ve moved from bliss and self-gratitude and entered the proverbial ‘Five Stages of Grief’. #AllRevealedAtLast #ThankYouTrump

2. Now I’d say they are still at denial and bargaining’. That’s ok, they don’t have to follow the stages systematically, they can revisit ‘Anger’ at a later stage. I hope by Trump’s second term they’d have gone through the last three. #AllRevealedAtLast #ThankYouTrump

3. I hope by Trump eighth year most will have given up on their certitudes and high titles such as ‘Development Professional’, ‘African Expert’, ‘Human Rights Watch’, International this and that, and joined us. #AllRevealedAtLast #ThankYouTrump

4. For instance, Recognizing Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel is a wrong decision. But it will not tangibly change the fate of Palestinians, or Israeli’s on the ground. However it has helped shed a different light on the issues in Middle East #AllRevealedAtLast #ThankYouTrump

5. Principle is not dead. There is still a chance. Until today, America thought it could buy everything and yesterday’s vote showed that it cannot. #AllRevealedAtLast #ThankYouTrump

6. It was wrong of #Trump to heighten tension, create unnecessary enemies for either Israel or Palestine, or the US. The vote was wrong but it was triggered by a more wrong populist decision #AllRevealedAtLast #ThankYouTrump

7. Some weak countries, including mine folded. We voted, not for, not against: We abstained. Let that abstinence be interpreted as a message that we stand with both Israel and Palestine. #AllRevealedAtLast #ThankYouTrump

8. But that vote is more important for Americans than it is for Israel, Palestine or the rest of the world. Because from the rest of the world’s standpoint, nothing about the America has changed. #AllRevealedAtLast #ThankYouTrump

9. Only Americans are opening their eyes for the first time, and maybe we can finally recruit them to help us stop America from destroying the Arab world and the world at large. And for that I will never thank Trump enough. #AllRevealedAtLast #ThankYouTrump

10. Trump’s withdrawal for #ParisAgreement on climate change will not change the fact that America is the largest emitter of carbon dioxide in history and second largest polluter today. It will just give Americans an opportunity to learn this. #AllRevealedAtLast #ThankYouTrump

11. #Trump’s de-funding of UNESCO will not change the plight of many children who can’t go to school because of American-induced wars or orphaned by American drones. #AllRevealedAtLast #ThankYouTrump

12. #Trump is better for the world than Obama or Clinton, etc., because unlike them he is not a gatekeeper of the oppression; in fact he is a whistle blower. Wikileaks doesn’t need to reveal secrets to us because #Trump says it openly #AllRevealedAtLast #ThankYouTrump

13. There were more black, Arab people killed, more African countries destroyed, under Obama, Clinton than there will ever be under #Trump. Trump talks war and does nothing, Obama talked peace and hope, but created wars and desolation. #AllRevealedAtLast #ThankYouTrump

14.Two maxims to conclude; One from John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’: ‘You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one, I hope some day you’ll join us and the world will live as one’ If not, as the Chinese would say: ‘May we live in interesting times’ #AllRevealedAtLast #ThankYouTrump


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