I love you

I want to know how you feel, I want to feel your pain, so that together we can overcome it. I want to share my feelings with you too, I want to share my fears with you…

I am interested in you, I have been closed to your world for so long, which I reckon has great stories and immense wealth.

Teach me about your past, tell me, how was it like over there? Before the war, the hunger, the suffering, the fear… Did you smile? did you dance? Will you teach me how to dance?

Perhaps when the war is over you can invite me there. If I showed you around my town now, would you show me around your town then? I want to come, I want to see, I want to learn, I want to live !

What makes me great is you, what makes you great is me. I need you to empower me to take control of my country, now ours, for your experience, your condition is of great use to my, our condition.

Who is your God, is he good to you? Can you ask him for many blessings on my behalf? My God is good too, he teaches me to help out everyone. Is it possible that we may have the same God to whom we speak to differently? Can we swap books of teachings of our respective Gods?

Your language sounds musical to my ears, will you teach it to me? Oh we have a lot to talk about, we have a lot to do, a lot to see, luckily we have a whole lifetime to do that. Nothing, no one can take us apart, I am sooo glad you are here…

Will you invite me to your home, have me for supper, introduce me to your people? Or you can stay at mine if you want, there is plenty of room, plenty of food and blankets.

I am weak without you. Can I get close to you? can I touch your skin, your hair ? I want to be with you, I am incomplete, lonely, ignorant and isolated without you. I get cold sometimes, but I am glad you are here now..

My people will love you, don’t worry if they are cold at first, they will warm up to you eventually. You wanna know why?

Because they love me and I will tell them that… I love you.