Wrong and bitter, Michaela..

After Congo, Eritrea, Kenya, Michaela Wrong wrote an Article in the Guardian, this time abusing Rwanda and advising her government to stop giving it aid. This woman has never written much about her country the United Kingdom. She preys on Africans like a vampire with an insatiable urge for blood; she feeds off on speaking ill of Africans.

This time though, she experienced no ordinary country and people, she experienced Rwandans! A proud and noble people who seemed not to notice her presence –  and she didn’t like it: ‘What’s chilling is that the nation concerned is not some oil or diamond giant whose wealth allows it to arrogantly defy international opprobrium, some drug-trafficking republic run by a crazed general. This is no failed state, torn apart by warring militias. No, it’s orderly little Rwanda, the ultimate ‘donor darling’, and a government that relies on western aid for nearly 40 per cent of its operating budget, much of it provided by the United States and United Kingdom.’ –I had nothing to do this morning, so I thought I would respond to her.

You are Wrong again, Michaela, people like you who keep talking about the money that their governments give to Africa as our survival, should pose to ask themselves, if we both decided to close our boarders, who would suffer more? Even the air that you breathe is renewed here, the animals that the planet posses are kept here: the purity of the world, as is the cradle of mankind belong to Africa.

If you were clever enough, you would know that even you, yourself belong here. You so-called experts distort, pervert, roll in mud our story, in return for a bunch of papers with the photograph of your queen on them; papers, which eventually go back to you, because, well to Caesar what belong to Caesar, and to God what belongs to God.

The fact that your people take what’s natural from here, and give back what’s artificial doesn’t bother you. You could speak out on the treatment of asylum seekers in your country, but you think abusing us makes you more civilized?

What did your parents teach you? Mine taught me decency, love, and respect for others. Yours mustn’t have loved or brought you up right, what else would explain so much hate in your heart?

They tried to dramatize Idi Amin as the last king of Scotland, the truth is, Wrong, you and your cohort of demagogues are the real last kings of Scotland, for you haven’t come to terms with the fact that the world has evolved, that Britain no longer has colonies, that from now on, you’ll have to earn your relevance, not by your name, the color of your skin or the smell of your spins.

Your assessment of my society, like your name indicates, is fake! However your reference to your country’s aid to mine was low – a position that is to be expected of you.

Our culture teaches us to share, to be generous, to take from this earth as little as possible and contribute as much as we can. It doesn’t teach us to brag about what we give away, ransom people or look down upon them. You are unconscious, Wrong, for taking a high moral ground, because what your people stole from us for centuries could never be paid back…

You have no lessons to give, no story to tell. If you seek your relevance in cursing other humans, you are a virus to mankind. You will be remembered as who? A woman who hated Africans? There are many issues in your land of origin, and you are one of them, you should have started there and within yourself…  You see, when I saw you, took you for coffee, I genuinely thought you had come to find some healing in the Kigali’s majestic sceneries; I didn’t realise how much you hated us.

By the way that aid is 32% not 40. And we hope to shrink it to 25 or so again this year, and less the year after…