Au Camarade Thomas SANKARA

Cher Thomas, Aujourd’hui j’ai eu 33 ans, comme toi le jour ou tu pris le pouvoir. Meme si nous menons un tout autre combat à present, avoir cet age m’interpelle a me dépasser…  Malheureusement tu ne vivras pas longtemps, car quatre ans plus tard, les lâches vinrent t’ôter la vie. Moi je vais vivre encore un peu plus longtemps, car je n’aurais pas la même ...

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Ubuntu: Africa of yesterday, the world of tomorrow (Extract from my book: Advocacy in Sub-Saharan Africa. Pretoria, 2012)

This is one attempted answer to my last post: Africa of tomorrow: So many questions left unanswered Ubuntu: Africa of yesterday, the world of tomorrow.. Ubuntu is an African concept of fraternity and humanness. The word has the same meaning across African languages. From Zulu to Kiswahili, Kinyarwanda, Lingala and Luganda, etc. In his book, No Future without Forgiveness, Archbishop Desmond ...

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Male dominance and its aftermath; A legal perspective.. Posted 19th February 2014

Abstract Men have managed to impose that dominance as a norm, naturally – God endowed privilege, not to be questioned by women. They anchored their dominance by infecting history, divinity and culture, which would shape posterity. They erected gatekeepers to ensure that their dominance is not challenged and taken down overtime by women and progressive men. Today as pioneer women ...

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